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Socialism and feminism are inseperable entities

By Daniel Pitt The patriarchal oppression of women shapes every civilisation in our modern world, although there are pivotal  differences in what form this oppression takes because gender relations are always interwoven with class, race, sexuality and other social relations. Women … Continue reading

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India -The Struggle Against Rape and Sexual Assault: A View from the Left

By Soma Marik, in Calcutta. The Current Mobilizations over Rape: As a historian, I know that the actions very often have highly unintended consequences. Historical turning points occur, not because deep planning willed them into existence, but at the intersection … Continue reading

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Don’t step on abortion rights

By Daniel Pitt Jeremy Hunt’s venomous attack on abortion rights last month has undoubtedly disturbed millions of women in modern Britain, and would, in an isolated case, shine a light on the misguided misogyny of a prominent Conservative Party minister. … Continue reading

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Occupy's Lack of Interest in the Issues of Women and Other Marginalized Groups Parallels the Narrowness of Occupy's Focus

Heidi Stevenson is an Occupy supporter, but is still troubled by a serious lack of inclusion. The coverage of the Occupy Movement has stirred the soul, given hope to the masses, and no one has been more thrilled by it … Continue reading

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Female Progress in the UK: Just A Fairytale?

By Gill Thorburn The first part of this article was inspired by a recent publication by the Socialist Party which considers the present conditions that prevail for women in our society, and the historical continuities they represent. The second focuses … Continue reading

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