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Three Part Special By Guest Writer Roger Silverman   We are living in stormy times. As the relatively stable world order of the last few decades passes away, sudden shocks and sharp swings to right and left rock one country … Continue reading

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The Insanity of Brexit debates.

Forward The Marxist method of rising from the abstract to the concrete, concerns the construction of conceptual models (theory) which correspond to things which have material existence. In the political sphere of course, we are concerned with human social practices. … Continue reading

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Tory Brexit implodes and it’s back to the future. (opinion piece)

The UK Tory party has always been divided over Europe but in 2010 they found themselves with no overall majority and formed a coalition government with the Lib Dems. Earlier at the 2009 EU parliament elections, UKIP had come second … Continue reading

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Materialist Conception of History and its validity in 21st century to guide the impending social change

By Sudip Chakraborty and Sankar Sartar of the group Unite for a Cooperative World  Part A Rudiments of conceptual development of MCH The generalised view of society perceived history as a mere record of political events, dynasties, military campaigns, and a series … Continue reading

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Gender as the concrete universal

Introduction The idea for writing this article was inspired, by a wish to set out the method Karl Marx employed, in his approach to political economy. However rather than merely set out the method, I thought it might be more … Continue reading

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Bosses clubs, Left wing communism and the fantasy of left exit from the EU

by Joanne Telfer This article was originally published on the Marxist World website in June 2016. Introduction At the time of writing the EU referendum appears to be balanced on a knife-edge and could go either way. Some imagine that … Continue reading

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Venezuela on a knife-edge

by Heiko Khoo Despite the ferocious and violent campaign orchestrated by the US backed Venezuelan opposition, the election of a Constituent Assembly was carried through successfully on Sunday 30th July. Delegates were elected from a wide range of organizations representing … Continue reading

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The Overdetermined Dialectic: Althusser.

Martin Stirner kindly gives us a preview of Chapter 4 of his forthcoming book:  “Dialectic: From Hegel to Althusser”:  “The mystification which dialectics suffers at Hegel’s hands by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general form … Continue reading

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The Spanish Civil War

by Stewart Hunter  This article originally appeared 5 years ago in The Democratic Green Socialist magazine and is republished here with the kind permission of the author. My birthday on the 28th of March 1939 was also that same sad day, 70 years ago, when the … Continue reading

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Appeal to UN, EU and USA Not to Back Civil War and Fascist Coup

by Natalia Vitrenko Thursday Feb 20th, 2014  This appeal was issued Jan. 25 by the head of Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Natalia Vitrenko, and 29 Ukrainian political organizations against the ongoing coup in Ukraine. Here is the statement in full: … Continue reading

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