Racist scapegoating isn’t the answer

There are few things a Conservative is more adept at than stirring suspicious contempt of immigrants by employing racist scapegoats, as exemplified by a vile advertising campaign used across six London boroughs which involved a van telling illegal immigrants to either go home or face arrest. The desperate stunt designed to make the party look tough on immigration is nothing more than a distraction from poor economic performance and the terrific failures of austerity, which has desecrated hopes of growth in the foreseeable future.


Conservative ministers are scrambling to appease their hardline backers who believe that the party has softened as part of the coalition which has led this nation into the abyss, and stem a tide of Tory voters turning to Ukip because they are dissatisfied with the so-called modernisation under David Cameron’s increasingly unpopular stewardship. A growing backlash against this fascistic campaign has shown that most refuse to swallow the xenophobic rhetoric we are fed by politicians and the press on a regular basis, but the strangest part of this sordid affair is that mainstream politics has been exposed for its equal contempt of the immigrant population because they all agree that blame can be better than curing the nation’s ills.

Labour hastily denounced the van but Ed Miliband said that his party will get tough on immigration and borrowed a popular reactionary phrase by publicly attacking ‘benefit tourism’ in attempts to emulate right-wing rhetoric and win populist votes. There has always been a consensus among the elite to divide and rule ordinary people so we cannot fight back against the naked class war they are waging to please the wealthy few. The working poor are encouraged to deride benefit claimants, pernicious myths about public sector pensions in the tabloids seek to separate workers, much like the racist scapegoating that poisons our democratic system. There is only one way towards emancipation from the shackles of oppression which hold us back from social progress – we must build resistance to the vice of an illiberal political brand and organise to create a party which is totally unafraid to represent the common people.

Daniel Pitt

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