Coalition dirty tricks on gay marriage

Back in March 2012 the coalition government launched a consultation on gay marriage. Current legislation allowing civil partnerships offer same-sex couples similar legal rights to their married heterosexual counterparts although this proposed reform would ensure equal status through enabling access to the institution itself. Married transgender people are presently required to divorce then enter a civil partnership is legally recognised by a ludicrously bureaucratic gender recognition certificate; this system would become obsolete if marriage equality is successfully enacted. David Cameron insisted that the consultation was not about whether or not to press ahead with same-sex marriage but how to do it. The move did however attract virulent condemnation among Conservative MPs who erroneously argued it would “undermine the traditional family role.“

Religious leaders predictably went into a reactionary hysteria with the Roman Catholic Church – which notoriously blamed its abhorrent child abuse scandal on closeted clergy members – sending a letter which was read in its dwindling congregations attacking gay marriage. Not content with alienating devout Catholics struggling to reconcile their sexuality or gender identity with their faith, it also commissioned a fundamentally flawed poll alleging that marriage equality is opposed by 70% of the British public. This is insulting nonsense of course but it was subsequently given much favourable coverage by regressive right-wing tabloids. Fabricated allegations that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are actively working to undermine religious freedom and foster social division are fuelling a disquieting rise in hate crimes and are routinely manipulated to undermine class unity against oppression in all its various forms. Proponents of same-sex marriage must recognise that this hasty shift towards equality by the government is no more than a cynical publicity stunt designed to make Tories seem more appealing to LGBT voters despite their atrocious historical record on civil rights.

David Cameron’s ulterior motive is to promote marriage as the foundation of capitalist society in order to force family members into providing unpaid care and support where services are woefully inadequate as a consequence of his administration’s lamentable cuts fetish. The uncomfortable truth is that if Cameron and his colleagues genuinely cared about the LGBT community they wouldn’t be crippling vital public services or galvanising intolerant organisations wishing to take over the running of our schools, which is certainly far more detrimental to the lives of LGBT youths than can ever be truly rehabilitated by the right to marriage.

Daniel Pitt

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