About us.

Welcome to our website. Please use the navigation links on the right to access the content.

Our aim is to be a non-hierarchical cooperative organised entirely online and to blog about all things green, international and socialist.

We support the right of nations to self-determination but in accordance with the name, our outlook is internationalist.

We speak plainly about left unity, having no factional ties. We pay more attention to feminism because ignoring the struggle of women plays into the hands of an economic system and its ‘brotherhoods’ that propagate male values. When left unchecked, these values, help glue the capitalist system together.

We plan to publish a collection of stimulating articles as often as possible and daily items on our Facebook page. None of our articles will be the last word on any subject because we hope to learn from the discussions that follow.


4 Responses to About us.

  1. Karen and Charles McFadden says:

    Dear Friends,
    We appreciate your internationalism and thoughtful comments and analysis and would like to call your attention to our own efforts on http://www.greensocialdemocracy.org.
    Yours for a just, sustainable future,
    Karen and Charles McFadden
    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

  2. Joanne Telfer says:

    You are very welcome comrades and a link to your website has now been added to our home page.

  3. bas says:

    Gelijkheid mannen en vrouwen:
    Waarom altijd op de feministische tour? Waarom niet tegen het oude rollenpatroon?

    Karl Marx:
    Waarom geen revolutie in het mensen denken? Dan revolutie tegen de hogere elite. Dit wil ik niet zeggen dat je niks mag doen tegen die niet mee wilt.

  4. Joanne Telfer says:

    Waarom niet gelijkheid en waarom niet feminisme?

    Een website heeft alleen woorden en foto’s dus het is allemaal over een revolutie in de geest. Maar echte consciuosness komt door actie niet uit de pure rijk van de ideeën.

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